Fall Style Part II: Shoes

Now comes the funnest part of any shopping trip: the shoes! Here are some of my essential fall pieces.

{all shoes via Steve Madden & TopShop}

[+] Boots: The return of fall brings with it the return of one of my foot types of footwear: the boot. Thigh-high, knee-high, ankle or booties, I love them all. A great knee-high heeled leather boot is essential for the season. It can take you from day to night with ease, and holds a level of understated sex-appeal unmatched by few other shoes. Yet in the name of practicality and comfort, flat boots are a life-saver. I’m partial to flat boots that hit just below the knee (for the ideal leg lenghthening look) with a slight estequeian feel. As with all my shoe choices, I love a feminine look with a slight edge. As for thigh-highs, yes they’re impossibly sexy, but I like to invest in classics, and can’t shake the major trendy vibe I get from them.

[+] Flats: They’re feminine, classic, chic and comfortable. Basic black and lace-up gold varieties will come in handy on the long treks from my dorm to classes.

[+] Heels/Pumps:I’ve been needing to invest a black leather platform pump forever; I swear I’ll commit and throw down the money soon. The problem is my eyes tend to wander to brighter, prettier shoes. I’m loving the red platforms and I have a serious thing for oxford inspired heels as well.

What are some of your key shoe picks for fall?

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5 Responses to Fall Style Part II: Shoes

  1. ohhhh! i can’t wait to wear all my new boots!!!

  2. HC! says:

    i love that oxford like flat you featured here. um my shoe must haves for fall are a boots that i can tuck jeans into and wear with shorts. i’m currently on the hunt for the perfect motorcycle boots. and i could never say no to a cute flat.

  3. Chas says:

    I love those Steven Madden lace up oxfords!


  4. Samantha says:

    Are the black ankle boots the Chelseeys from Steve Madden? I just featured those on my blog, too! Check out my Grayscale post.. A pair of booties are my top pick for this fall.


  5. Becca says:

    I can’t wait to find a pair of flat wayyy over the knee boots. I wanted some last year, but it seemed like only very high end designers were doing them. I’m hoping this season they trickle into some of the less expensive stores too! I can’t wait to channel my inner pretty woman (ya know, but classier).

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