Hello ladies!

As many of you know, these coveted heels have been sold out at Forever 21 for almost one year now. Nearly identical to the Miu Miu platforms these are the perfect way to get the look for a bargain.
(See below post for a full description)

After spending a year away at college and getting ZERO use out of these gorgeous heels I’ve decided to sell them!

Click here to bid!

Feel free to contact me with any questions!!

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Miu Miu Inspired Mary Jane Platforms by Forever21 – a pair for me, and a pair for you

{Sweater, Forever 21; Dress, American Apparel; Shoes, Forever 21, Necklace, Forever 21}

Hello darlings! It’s been far too long since I had a real outfit post, and this one is extra special. I’m sure you all saw Miu Miu’s amazing mary jane platforms this spring, and you have probably seen Forever 21’s verision popping up on various bloggers as well.

I just about died when I saw them online and ordered two pairs (for sizing) in black immediaitely. I could not be more thrilled with the shoes. I’m always skepitical about cheaper shoe purchases, but Forever 21 really delivered. They look almost identical to the Miu Miu platforms, and even the faux suede exterior looks real.

Since then, the shoes have completely SOLD OUT. So I’m keeping the size 6 for myself, and selling the size 7 on Ebay. For those of you who are interested, click here to bid. Again, they are in mint condition, completely unworn and in orginal packaging.

In other Forever 21 purchases, I picked up this olive green knit sweater and gold chain necklace the other day and I can’t seem to go a few days with out incorporating one of the pieces into my outfits. I’ll be wearing them to death this fall.

[p.s. – for those of you interested in biding on the shoes, feel free to email me at with any questions]

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Fall Style Part III: Accessories

{celebrity images via google/tumblr. other images via blogers Mariannann and Ulrikke Lund}

One of the most exciting parts of fall fashion is the freedom to accessorize that comes with it. Unlike summer, you get to really style your outfits. The way you layer and pair different pieces together, plus the accessories you choose speaks volumes about your individual taste. It’s like playing dress up every morning- what could be more fun than that?

My Accessory Necessities:

[+] Knit Scarves: Functional and fashionable. Scarves aid in keeping you warm on those chilly days, and spice up any outfit. I have a tendency to wear a lot of black in winter, so colorful scarves come in handy. I love cute printed ones and classic thick knits.

[+] GOLD Jewelry: Okay I know I’ve said it before, but I die for gold jewelry – especially in fall. It’s so glamorous and warm. This season I’m craving gold in the form of chain bracelets and necklaces. And a few gold statement rings could be quite amazing as well.

[+] Statement Bags: I like my purses big. For one, I carry half of everything I own around with me (make-up, wallet, keys, iPod, lunch, textbooks…it’s not normal, I know). Plus I just adore the way a gigantic bag looks. This season, structured classic bags in caramel leather are the hot item (which I love) but there’s still something to be said for a not-so-understated bag that speaks for itself.

[+] Printed Tights: Opaque black tights are without question a fall/winter staple. Throw them on with boots, a dress, and a coat and voilà! – you have a chic, comfy winter outfit (that beats jeans and a sweatshirt). Printed tights take that to another level. They’re an inexpensive way to spice up any boring winter outfit.

[+] Headbands & Beanies: Beanies are perfect for lazy hair days, and I’m loving crocheted knit styles for fall. Headbands come in handy for adding a little something extra to your hair style. Once the holiday season sets in, sparkly statement headbands are a must.

What are some of your favorite fall/winter accessories?

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a panera, park, and movie night

{black slip, American Apparel; lace top, Forever 21; belt, Forever 21; flats & glasses; Target}

A few nights ago, a friend and I made our own date night with dinner and a movie. We ate a delish Panera Bread dinner and then saw Eat Pray Love. The movie was good, but of course the book was much better, as they usually are. We had a little time before the movie started so we wandered over to a little man made pond/park. It was actually really beautiful. Overall a very fun, relaxing night.

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Fall Style Part II: Shoes

Now comes the funnest part of any shopping trip: the shoes! Here are some of my essential fall pieces.

{all shoes via Steve Madden & TopShop}

[+] Boots: The return of fall brings with it the return of one of my foot types of footwear: the boot. Thigh-high, knee-high, ankle or booties, I love them all. A great knee-high heeled leather boot is essential for the season. It can take you from day to night with ease, and holds a level of understated sex-appeal unmatched by few other shoes. Yet in the name of practicality and comfort, flat boots are a life-saver. I’m partial to flat boots that hit just below the knee (for the ideal leg lenghthening look) with a slight estequeian feel. As with all my shoe choices, I love a feminine look with a slight edge. As for thigh-highs, yes they’re impossibly sexy, but I like to invest in classics, and can’t shake the major trendy vibe I get from them.

[+] Flats: They’re feminine, classic, chic and comfortable. Basic black and lace-up gold varieties will come in handy on the long treks from my dorm to classes.

[+] Heels/Pumps:I’ve been needing to invest a black leather platform pump forever; I swear I’ll commit and throw down the money soon. The problem is my eyes tend to wander to brighter, prettier shoes. I’m loving the red platforms and I have a serious thing for oxford inspired heels as well.

What are some of your key shoe picks for fall?

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a love note to (faux) furs

{Disclaimer: This post refers completely and exclusively to faux furs. They make great synthetic furs, there’s no need to kill animals for the sake of fashion.}

My dearest (faux) furs,

You make me smile, you really do. It’s not just the way you look; it’s the way you make me feel. Oh, but you do look so good. Whether in creamy whites, warm browns, or chic black – I’m dying to slip you on. And there’s something about wearing you that no other coat can compare to. The way you keep me so warm and cozy; the way you feel like a fluffy blanket, while still looking chic. A brown fur vest with an all black ensemble or a full fur coat always leaves me feeling a little old Hollywood. Now I know not everyone shares my love for you, they call you too over the top – too diva. But that’s just silly talk my dear, because we all know a little extra extravagance does not really matter. Life’s far too short to blend in, to dress without a little fun. I’m counting the days for the weather to turn cold enough for me to prance around in your warm coat.



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can I keep him?

{image via tumblr}

This picture stopped me dead in my tracks. I literally froze and stared at it on Tumblr.
I want this. I want one of him, specifically (and I’ll take her closet while I’m at). I have a weakness for well dressed men. He’s ridicuously gorgeous, has amazing style and he’s straight. It’s too good to be true. Olivia is one lucky girl. Ah life is so unfair sometimes.

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