a love note to (faux) furs

{Disclaimer: This post refers completely and exclusively to faux furs. They make great synthetic furs, there’s no need to kill animals for the sake of fashion.}

My dearest (faux) furs,

You make me smile, you really do. It’s not just the way you look; it’s the way you make me feel. Oh, but you do look so good. Whether in creamy whites, warm browns, or chic black – I’m dying to slip you on. And there’s something about wearing you that no other coat can compare to. The way you keep me so warm and cozy; the way you feel like a fluffy blanket, while still looking chic. A brown fur vest with an all black ensemble or a full fur coat always leaves me feeling a little old Hollywood. Now I know not everyone shares my love for you, they call you too over the top – too diva. But that’s just silly talk my dear, because we all know a little extra extravagance does not really matter. Life’s far too short to blend in, to dress without a little fun. I’m counting the days for the weather to turn cold enough for me to prance around in your warm coat.



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2 Responses to a love note to (faux) furs

  1. i love animals…. but furs are just FAB!

  2. HC! says:

    haha this is so cute. i’m in love with faux furs as well. i’m dying to find the perfect piece!

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