Fall Style Part I: Outerwear

The month of September has been called the fashion world’s New Years. It is the time of year when we get to revaluate and revamp our styles. With all the September issues coming out (still waiting for Vogue’s to arrive!), fall inspiration is everywhere. As much as I love summer, it can’t hold a candle to fall fashion. Which is why I’m starting my fall shopping and planning early. There’s far too much to be contained in one post, so here’s the first in a mini-series of all my fall fashion wants, needs and inspirations.

Born and raised in southern California, I’m aware of what a wimp I am when it comes to cold weather. Fifty degrees and I swear I can feel the hypothermia setting in. It’s pathetic I know, and I tip my hat to all of you who have real winters. Even though it might not be freezing out, outerwear is still a practical and fashionable must for fall/winter.

The trench coat will always be my coat of choice – it’s classic, sexy and mysterious. The best part is the waist accentuating belt the gives a shapely silhouette. A little cold weather is no reason to lose your figure under bulky coats. Bonus points for gold button details.

Blazers are crucial for any season really, but especially for fall. Typically not super warm, they’re ideal for crisp fall days that don’t require heavy coats. I love the sophistication and structure a blazer adds to any look.

The leather jacket looks like it’s here to stay ladies – it always will be a fall necessity in my heart. This season I’m shying away from silver hardware biker-inspired jackets and leaning towards structured leather pieces. I love jackets that can just as easily be worn with jeans as thrown over a cocktail dress.

What are some of your fall outerwear lusts?

[PS- I didn’t forget about fur (faux, of course) – it gets its own post coming soon!]


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thick knits and ballet flats

{knit sweater, thrifted; belt, Forever 21; flats, Target}

This weekend was extremely relaxing. Saturday’s activities included yoga in the AM and lounging away the afternoon.I wore this outfit on Sunday for breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants and then to Pacific Beach for some shopping.

This might sound crazy, but these are the first pair of ballet flats I’ve ever owned. I’ve always found them adorable on other girls, but for whatever reason they never appealed to me until recently. Sadly they gave me blisters almost instantly – I guess I really need to wear those little socks with them.

While in PB, a fellow vegetarian recommended Cafe 976 to me and my friends. It was beyond adorable. The cafe was a little yellow house with outdoor seating in a full garden. Loved it.

{our table in the garden}

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my new true love: yoga

For those of you who’ve noticed my embarrasing lack of posts, I dearly apologize. I swear it won’t become a habit. What’s my excuse for this slacking off? Well a social life for one, and number two, spending my usual writing time reading. And frankly I think that’s a good thing – listening more than I speak.

So what have I been reading? Eat Pray Love. It’s amazing. The story, the writing, the message – all beautiful. It’s far more moving and motivating than I had expected. Do yourself a giant favor, and go read it.

The novel deals a lot with yoga and mediation, and it was impossible for me not to fall in love with the practice along with the author. So I dusted off my mat and headed to Yoga class at my gym (not quite the same as an Ashram in India, but it’ll do).

One class, and I was hooked. I mean really hooked. I’ve been going several times a week, and the classes are never quite long enough. I can’t get enough. Everything about the practice is therapautic, for the body, mind and spirit. Every class I leave feeling healthy, centered, strong, focused, happy and closer to God. It’s a great comfort.

{and soon this will be me…or so I can dream}

Any other yoga fans out there? Or thinking about trying it?

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Lusting for: Snake Rings

I’m deathly afraid of snakes – and have been for as long as I can remember. I find them unbelievably creepy, gross and just plain icky. However my opinion of snake jewelry couldn’t be more opposite.

In fact, I’m quite obsessed with it at the moment. While I can’t stand real snakes, I still love the concept. Snakes have long been a symbol of temptation, mystery, and seduction. Mix that with jewelry and you’ve got one hell of a statement piece.

Yes, snakes are slinky and conniving, and look fabulous plated in gold and coiled around the finger. I envision a bright gold one with gems for eyes wrapped around my ring finger – adding that touch of edge and mystery.

I simply must get my hands on a snake ring asap.
What do you dolls think of snake inspired pieces?

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loving as of late

I haven’t forgotten about you dolls! Life has been crazy, but loads of fun. Here are some the photos inspiring me and brightening up my days.

Hope you like them! Any favorites?

{images via tumblr}

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busy, busy!

{image via Tumblr}

Happy Tuesday dolls! By the time you’re reading this I’ll be off at orientation for my freshman year of college! It’s beyond exciting. I’m ready for change and I can not wait to start this next chapter in my life.

I also wanted to thank all my beautiful readers who find time in their busy lives to read my blog. I’m so grateful for each and every one of you!

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Style Icon: Rachel Zoe

Get ready ladies, The Rachel Zoe Project is coming back August 3rd! I’ve been a fan since Season 1 and I truly can’t wait for the upcoming season. After spending nearly a whole day watching reruns, I was reminded why I first fell in love with Ms. Zoe – her style.

There is something to be said for a woman that tiny who loads herself up in pounds of jewelry and fur (hope it’s faux!) almost daily. She’s not a afraid of sequins or crazy high heels either. That’s my kind of girl.

And there are the Zoe-isms”. The quirky phrases she uses far too often that are totally addicting. After watching a few episodes it’s hard not to say “I die” about, well, everything. My other favorites include “on another level” and “shutting it down”.

To put it simply, the woman inspires me equally as much as she amuses me. I’ll definitely turn to her over the top, diva-esque style for those days I need a little push out of my style comfort zone.

I die, Rachel.

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