Fall Style Part I: Outerwear

The month of September has been called the fashion world’s New Years. It is the time of year when we get to revaluate and revamp our styles. With all the September issues coming out (still waiting for Vogue’s to arrive!), fall inspiration is everywhere. As much as I love summer, it can’t hold a candle to fall fashion. Which is why I’m starting my fall shopping and planning early. There’s far too much to be contained in one post, so here’s the first in a mini-series of all my fall fashion wants, needs and inspirations.

Born and raised in southern California, I’m aware of what a wimp I am when it comes to cold weather. Fifty degrees and I swear I can feel the hypothermia setting in. It’s pathetic I know, and I tip my hat to all of you who have real winters. Even though it might not be freezing out, outerwear is still a practical and fashionable must for fall/winter.

The trench coat will always be my coat of choice – it’s classic, sexy and mysterious. The best part is the waist accentuating belt the gives a shapely silhouette. A little cold weather is no reason to lose your figure under bulky coats. Bonus points for gold button details.

Blazers are crucial for any season really, but especially for fall. Typically not super warm, they’re ideal for crisp fall days that don’t require heavy coats. I love the sophistication and structure a blazer adds to any look.

The leather jacket looks like it’s here to stay ladies – it always will be a fall necessity in my heart. This season I’m shying away from silver hardware biker-inspired jackets and leaning towards structured leather pieces. I love jackets that can just as easily be worn with jeans as thrown over a cocktail dress.

What are some of your fall outerwear lusts?

[PS- I didn’t forget about fur (faux, of course) – it gets its own post coming soon!]


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6 Responses to Fall Style Part I: Outerwear

  1. Kathryn says:

    Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog! Love it!
    And yay for Autumn/Winter fashion!

    Kathryn XxX

  2. Chas says:

    I definitely have a new trench coat on my fall shopping list, just haven’t found one that I like yet. I got a new biker leather jacket this summer and can’t wait to wear it!


  3. HC! says:

    this fall I definitely want to get my hands on a faux fur vest, a maxi dress, some amazing motorcycle boots, and the perfect pair of jeans!

  4. Chas says:

    Sorry for the double comment, but I just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog! Check it out!


  5. Samantha says:

    As a New Englander, the importance of a good winter jacket is crucial. But I still find myself layering and shivering under my leather jacket to wear it as much as possible!


    PS- what a wonderful blog! I’m so glad I came across it 🙂

  6. MelRod says:

    Loving these looks right now! Fall is just around the corner! 🙂



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