my new true love: yoga

For those of you who’ve noticed my embarrasing lack of posts, I dearly apologize. I swear it won’t become a habit. What’s my excuse for this slacking off? Well a social life for one, and number two, spending my usual writing time reading. And frankly I think that’s a good thing – listening more than I speak.

So what have I been reading? Eat Pray Love. It’s amazing. The story, the writing, the message – all beautiful. It’s far more moving and motivating than I had expected. Do yourself a giant favor, and go read it.

The novel deals a lot with yoga and mediation, and it was impossible for me not to fall in love with the practice along with the author. So I dusted off my mat and headed to Yoga class at my gym (not quite the same as an Ashram in India, but it’ll do).

One class, and I was hooked. I mean really hooked. I’ve been going several times a week, and the classes are never quite long enough. I can’t get enough. Everything about the practice is therapautic, for the body, mind and spirit. Every class I leave feeling healthy, centered, strong, focused, happy and closer to God. It’s a great comfort.

{and soon this will be me…or so I can dream}

Any other yoga fans out there? Or thinking about trying it?

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6 Responses to my new true love: yoga

  1. I practiced Vinyasa pretty hardcore for a couple years, and even got certified to teach. Then my yoga teacher moved, and I moved overseas, and I’m ashamed to say I stopped practicing. I’m feeling drawn to dust off my mat as well…yoga is bliss, even when you’re dying to come out of a hold. There is nothing like the feeling you get after a 90-minute class and you are drenched and stretched and calm. You’ve inspired me to get myself back to class, pronto!

    ♥ V

  2. Chas says:

    I love yoga! I have been doing hot yoga regularly for about 2 years now and it not only benefits my body but also my mind. It is such a nice way to end (or begin) a stressful day and it helps me calm down and take life one step at a time.

  3. Jamie-Lee says:

    I’ve done a bit of yoga – but I was doing bikram. I found that it is so great for stretching and strengthening your muscles, and OMG what a workout! x

  4. HC! says:

    i’m reading eat, pray, love right now. (just finished the eat part) and i’m totally in love with the writers philosophy. she writes in a way that any body can identify with and understand, it’s truly beautiful.

  5. Becca says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the Eat, Pray, Love movie. I certainly enjoyed the book, so I can’t imagine I would dislike the movie. I have such a love/hate relationship with yoga. I always feel so invigorated afterwards, but I have such a hectic schedule that it’s hard to make it to class to begin with. I’ve tried downloading some classes to guide myself through them, but I just don’t get the same effect or feeling from that!

  6. Ashley says:

    I really like yoga. I got super into it this winter when it was too gross for me to venture to the gym. I haven’t done it in about a month now…maybe tonight will be the night I go back to it. I always feel better after I do it, both physically and mentally.

    xoxo, Ashley

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