sweet, sweet success

{Shiekh Shoes; Forever 21 Knee High Socks & Earrings}

Today is a beautiful day. No, not because of the weather (it’s cloudy again), but because I had one of the most successful, satisfying and guilt free shopping trips of my entire life. The fact that it was a completely unplanned trip made it all the better. After getting dinner, I had some time on my hands so I figured I’d browse the local mall for a bit. And seeing as the mall near my house is continually disappointing (it’s not even classy enough to have a Nordstrom), I had no high hopes. Fast forward 30 minutes, and with only $70 spent, I’m leaving my ghetto mall with these goodies in tow.

[+] The Wedges: I’ve only been looking for all black wedges for, I don’t know, 3 years. I’m a picky, picky girl what can I say? So after scouring every respectable online site and store for solid black, strappy, affordable wedges I stumble upon them in the randomest of random shoe stores. For 40 dollars. Thank you God.

[+] The Booties: Now these were quite the impulse buy, but one I’m quite glad I made. I have never been much of an ankle boot girl (I’ve always found them to be unflattering), but these completely changed my mind. I think it was the gorgeous heel that first sold me, and then fact the I feel completely edgy and unstoppable in them, and then the $20 price tag helped too.

[+] The Socks: Socks have never failed to make me happy, and recently, the fashion world had graciously embraced them. For $3, this accessory is simply fun. They can be worn in tons of different looks as thigh-high, knee-high, or scrunched below the calf (like I plan to wear them with my new booties!).

[+] The Earrings: I’ve never had an accessory with style transforming powers quite like these. For only $4, they add such sophistication and class. I can’t wait to show them off with a loose up-do.


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3 Responses to sweet, sweet success

  1. love your shopping pics!!! 😀
    great shoes!!!

  2. HC! says:

    love your buys! they are absolutely fabulous and practical for the upcoming fall. i can’t wait to see how you rock them 🙂


  3. Ashley says:

    I ❤ your wedges!! and I bought knee socks from F21 last weekend (but in white), so I fully support that as well.

    xoxo, Ashley

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