Shoe Craving

I am extremely picky when it comes to shoes, ridiculously so. The material, color, proportions, quality and price all have to reach my expectations before I can commit to a shoe purchase. The material should be authentic – real suede please, not some sort of cheap felt. The color should be bright, strong, and true. The proportions need to be perfect. I’ve seen countless pairs of heels ruined in my eyes by too skinny or too thick of a heel. Or worse, too high of a platform with too low of heel – it leaves you looking like you’re walking around on bricks. To me, heels are about the angle – the illusion and aesthetic of a deeply pointed foot creating a beautifully elongated leg.

So yes, I’m picky. And I find that classic red pumps are one of the easiest shoes to mess up. Too often they’re made in cheap looking shiny patent leather in an off shade of red. Yet at long last, I have found (or rather stumbled upon in Macy’s) a red pump that exceeds my expectations. Cue the Jessica Simpson Wallin Pump.

When I first picked up the shoe, I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing, for in my hands laid a little piece of perfection. The material: real suede; the color: a bright coral red; the proportions: ideal heel/platform height; the quality: very high; the price: $90, reasonable.

And then there are the details that blew my mind. The adorable, feminine, sexy and somehow edgy lace-up detailing. Oh I can I just see the outfits now… LBDs, trench coats, skinny jeans or body con skirts with black blazers and white tops, and the list goes on.

So what’s a girl to do? Hold out several months for the chance of a sale? Or give in to her desires and buy the shoes today?


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7 Responses to Shoe Craving

  1. Sari says:

    love the red heels!

  2. Tracey Leigh says:

    I always use the reality of how many times I am going to wear them as rule of thumb here! Red pumps are always ok though!

    dinner, dresses, decor, and dessert

  3. katie says:

    Like you- They have to be just right- always leather or suede not some nasty imitation and the heel shape, size and platform height etc have to tick all the boxes1 These are stunning and classic with a little twist! Love you previous posts too- great outfits and the beach shots are incredible with the sunset!xxxx
    fashion clocked
    I would love you to visit.xx Katie.x

  4. HC! says:

    those shoes are amazing! Jessica Simpson’s collection is surprisingly adorable and affordable. i love it!

  5. xshumzx says:

    im so picky too! plus im 5 7′ so heels with a small height are hard to find!! i wish i waasnt so tall so i could wear thesee

  6. Jamie-Lee says:

    Buy them!! Haha at least that’s what I would do if I wanted a shoe. The times I have held out they have been long sold out in my size by the time the sale comes around

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