Style Icon: Victoria Beckham

{images via Google, collages made by me}

I’ve long been obsessed with Victoria Beckham’s style (though I was always more of a Baby Spice fan than a Posh fan). Still, her style has evolved and grown greatly since her days as a Spice Girl. She always looks impeccable, and her style is sexy, structured and classic.

I have such a fascination with the above two photos. The pictures remind me of the women of the 1950s. Not necessarily her clothes, but the way women used to get dressed up everyday, no special occasion necessary. I think it’s a shame that so many people no longer care about personal style, and think that heels have to be saved for nights out. My favorite part of the photos is that Victoria is holding her sons’ hands; she proves that having children doesn’t mean sacrificing personal style.

Mother or not, Beckham’s style is beyond enviable: fitted blazers, liquid leather leggings, gorgeous furs (let’s hope their faux), sky-high pumps, sexy booties, classic cut dresses, and those amazing ever-present sun glasses. It’s quite hard not to covet every single outfit she wears, and her style will always be one of my go-to sources of inspiration.

What do you think of Victoria Beckham’s style? Any favorite looks?


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6 Responses to Style Icon: Victoria Beckham

  1. jemina says:

    She has an impeccable style, my fave is when she is dressed down and when she was last seen at the airport wearing a chic black shift and ballet flats, great post and thank you so much for your fabulous comment at my blog, I hope we still can be in touch, xoxo

  2. melrod says:

    love her style! 🙂

  3. Shawna says:

    She is stunning. I like her leggings she seems to wear a lot.

  4. Jammer says:

    She has awesome style…she’s like a real life barbie doll lol.

  5. Gosh I love her style. She is always impeccably dressed. Love her in leather leggings! She totally has the bod for them.

  6. HC! says:

    i love posh! she always looks phenomenal but my favorites would probably be when she’s wearing jeans and heels. she makes everything seem fabulous!

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