Adventures in Shopping

{Shirt, Target; Dress, Random; Boots, CathyJean; Sunglasses, Target; Ring, Aldo; Belt, Forever21}
Last weekend my good friend Kirra and I headed to Pacific Beach for a little shopping trip. This outfit was great for an overcast shopping day, plus I’ll take any chance to wear menswear inspired shirts. Our main destination was Buffalo Exchange, but we quickly discovered the whole street was covered with adorable boutiques. We spent about 4 hours shopping (and stopping for gelato) before we found out that an Urban Outfitters had just been built around the corner. Seeing as we normally have to drive 30 minutes to the closest Urban, we were ecstatic. I love everything in the store but my teenage salary limits mee to the sale racks. Still, I always seem to walk away great pieces anyways. I’ll definitely be driving down to PB more often.

{Kirra photographing everything}

{We got suckered into a gelato shop, and it was totally worth it}

{super comfy new shirts from Urban}


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2 Responses to Adventures in Shopping

  1. Becca says:

    That gelato looks pretty delicious, and it sounds like it was overall a fantastic shopping day! Hope to see some of your purchases in future outfit posts.

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