Is It Worth It?

It’s no doubt that Yves Saint Laurent makes some of the most notorious shoes, especially when it comes to pumps. Their Tribute pump is your classic sky-high platform pump in black patent. I’m not much of label girl, but there must be something magical about walking around with YSL or Louboutin on your feet. Still, that magic would undoubtably be overshadowed by the sad loss of $760 to the bank account.
Which brings me to the Steve Madden’s. The Caryssa pump has a ridiculously similar shape to the YSL pump and even comes in patent, leather or suede. And for almost an eighth of the price? Total perfection. I’ve purchased several pairs of black pumps in my time, but each time I’ve settled for less than my expectations. Finally, I’ve found a pair with the ideal material, shape, heel/platform height, and most importantly, the price tag.
So tell me, are the YSL pumps worth it? Or are the Steve Maddens the right alternative?


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5 Responses to Is It Worth It?

  1. i don’t have 790 to spend just like that…and think taht maybe it’s a little to much. but it’s supposed to be luxury and luxury can’t be affordable and for everyone! steve maiden is cheap version and you can see it’s cheap. YSL has a class that you can not imitate…


  2. Gets says:

    Wow its so remarkably similar at first glance! 😀 I definitely prefer YSL’s patent material and detailed platforms, but you’re right, $760 is not very affordable. I think though, that the man makes the clothes and not the other way round. You would definitely be able to achieve the same class and style with confidence! ((: Not to mention using the extra $670 to buy more shoes.

    You’re really beautiful too! 😀 Loving your dress and amazing ruffle heels in the previous post ^^


  3. Halie says:

    These are so similar! I personally think the YSL pumps are absolutely beautiful, but $760 is wayyy too much to spend on a pair of shoes. I would totally go for the Steve Maddens — they’re a great find, and if you don’t end up wearing them too much you’ll be a lot happier that you didn’t splurge on the more expensive pair! (And you’ll have money left over to buy more shoes. YAY!)

  4. i definitely don’t think the YSL pumps are worth it…unless you’re rich! haha even then, i’m sure the steve madden ones would be a much better deal. i mean, they DO look identical. what a great find! 🙂


  5. If you’re not ballin’ out of control, the YSL will never be worth it unfortunately 😦 :p
    However, with YSL heels, I feel like even if you owned a pair, the majority of people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway. Unless you’re part of some high class society that can easily recognize the brand.

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