Summer Lace

{Top, PinkZone; Shorts, Forever21; Shoes, Aldo; Double Ring, Forever 21}

I did some major shopping damage yesterday, but I couldn’t be happier with my purchases. I usually avoid Pink Zone all together. One walk through the store and you’re surrounded by clothes resembling the outfits of the cast of The Jersey Shore. Yet with a some hunting, I found this lace crop top buried in a sea of Ed Hardy knock-offs. I paired the top with semi-highwaited shorts from Forever21, my other bargain find. The heels I scored from Aldo 50% off and I’m loving them so far. These pieces will be key staples in my summer wardrobe.

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2 Responses to Summer Lace

  1. Sari says:

    I adore lace! tres chic!

  2. Mariel says:

    Those shoes are so hot! I love the strapping across the top of the foot. Your experience in Pink Zone made me laugh. I too have sucked up my dignity and wandered into stores like that, and have been totally shocked to find a total gem somewhere underneath all the crap made for fist-pumpers and steroid-poppers alike. That lace top is lovely.

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