We did it!

{Dress, Angl; Shoes, Bakers Shoes; Bracelet, Forever 21}

I first posted about my graduation outfit here, so I thought a follow up post on my actual outfit was in order. I changed my mind about the NastyGal dress when I found this one at Angl in the UTC Mall in San Diego. I’m a sucker for open backs, and for only $25, I was in love. After wearing my Baker’s wedges, I like them even more. They are ultimate feminine, feel-pretty shoe.

{Shoes pics off my mac book – I forgot to get a good shot of them the day of}

I simply could not bring myself to put up pictures in my cap and gown. I know it’s tradition, but good Lord someone needs to redesign those caps and perhaps make the robes a little less sack-like. Still, Senior week and graduation were some of the best times of my life. It has still yet to hit me that high school is really over, but I could not be more ready to start the next chapter of my life when I leave for college in the fall ♥

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2 Responses to We did it!

  1. Mariel says:

    Okay, I absolutely adored that dress when I saw the first photo. And then I scrolled down… Oh my gosh the back is heaven!! If I can find it online, please oh please tell me where.

    PS: You’re lovely!

  2. adorable dress!

    as for my photo editing software, i make my collages in SnagIt. nothing fancy, but it works! x

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